Managed Services

Managed Services

We have a history of specialising in Managed Services for large and mid-size organisations for the last 10 years. Our services have delivered cost benefits , process rationalisation and improved manpower and resource efficiency.

By obtaining the services of a managed service provider or MSP businesses can outsource the responsibility of running regular business operations but at the same time keep them accountable for the task at hand.

  • Procurement Services and Vendor Management
  • Marketing and Digital Functions management

Nowadays businesses had to deal with a large number of vendors and suppliers which requires the need of maintaining large procurement teams. Wizard helps in vendor consolidation and improved savings through bulk negotiated pricing along with saving on manpower and governance.

Reducing overall cost to the company

No need to hire specialist in every field as everything is being managed by procurement officials.

Improving upon the existing systems and processes

Adoption of new and smarter processes which are efficient and offers better performance.

Getting access to highly skilled procurement experts

Managing exclusive demand of the firm that also at low cost can only be achieved by an expert rather than the in-house procurement team.

Quick turnaround results

Procurement firms are known for their vast extensive and relevant network which helps in immediate fulfilment of urgent requisitions.

Result driven and focused activities

Abiding by the instructions helps in delivering specific KPIs effortlessly

We implement tools to assure accurate shipping and taxing information on each order, for each location. We develop e-commerce solutions to support multi-store, multi-site, multi-vendor and multi-lingual platforms.

We program custom e-commerce cataloging and category management features. We build custom interfaces to 3rd party applications and services through all available e-commerce APIs, web services, and others. We integrate e-commerce online merchant stores with accounting and financial management platforms including QuickBooks and Quicken software.

Wizard develops turnkey tailor-made marketplaces & CRM solutions which are carefully crafted to fulfill the specific needs and interests of the client’s businesses. We bring together the team of highly talented, resourceful and innovative developers who can easily offer a complete solution to the clients for establishing a robust on-demand marketplace to give a boost to their business growth.

Wizard enables the digital transformation for the businesses through offering a clear roadmap with practical steps to turn business agile and customer-centric.

Most of the business organisations understand the benefits of the digital enablement but they struggle with the ideas of making it a reality for their business.

Wizard offers an opportunity for the businesses to unlock the full potential through implementing an incremental strategy thereby bringing digital transformation without hampering the daily business process.

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View our 2017 financial prospectus brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.